Now you can use your digital pen in more ways with your Windows pen–enabled devices. WRITEit is a free app from Lenovo with intuitive handwriting technology that allows you to use your pen to write in most apps, programs, and text fields.

More ways to use your pen

WRITEit works seamlessly with browsers, search boxes, forms, email, social media, to–do lists and more. Insert your signature and sketches as graphics. No need for special note–taking apps.

Write freely

Write directly into any text box. Just place your cursor in the field and start writing naturally. No need to stay inside the lines or write slowly. See your entire screen, no annoying on-screen keyboard popup.

Gets to know you

WRITEit adapts to your handwriting style over time and offers alternative word suggestions as you write. Customize by adding words to your dictionary. WRITEit turns any app into a writing app.

Helpful and quick

Customize settings to your preference, whether you're left or right handed. A variety of gestures for quick editing such as: delete, backspace, insert text, return and tab. Extremely accurate handwriting recognition with quick, expansive auto suggestions.