Drops, knocks or bumps could easily damage ordinary computer components, but the ingenious structural design, specialized materials and quality construction of a ThinkPad means they are tough enough to take it.

Alongside the regulation tests and the more rigorous Mil-SPEC 810G standards our engineers have devised innovative testing methods that subject our machines to an even more stringent examination – ensuring you can depend on your ThinkPad year after year.

Weighted vibration
For those days when you're drowning in work, we have tested to ensure that no harm will come to your ThinkPad even when left running under a stack of paperwork or buried under a pile of books.

Shock vibration
ThinkPads are exposed to shock and vibration of up to 1.4Gs in this test. So you know that even when things aren't going so smoothly, your ThinkPad is one thing you won't have to worry about.

Bump tests
Trains, planes and automobiles. We subject ThinkPads to hundreds of bump events in testing, so you can be confident it will survive the many knocks and collisions that come with a lifetime of business and travel – whether it's in your baggage, stowed in the overhead locker, or under the seat in front of you.

HDD tilt drop test
Spinning at over 7,000 RPM and only a fraction of a millimeter thick, the magnetic surface of a hard disk drive is susceptible to damage from sudden movements. Our hard disk drive tilt drop tests are designed to simulate typical user behaviour, subjecting the ThinkPad to varying degrees of pitch, roll and drops – ensuring that data integrity is maintained through ordinary use and shock events.