As a trusted partner in your business journey, your laptop will be at your side all day, and sometimes all night. So it's essential that you can rely on your ThinkPad to keep going as long as you can.

Customer scenario tests
To ensure our products meet and surpass the expectations of our customers, we study their behaviour then devise tests that emulate and exceed the treatment experienced by a typical business user. These include one-hand handling, docking attachment and detachment and the swing tester. And that's just the start.

The ultimate dust test
Dust build-up is the number one enemy of any computing system, causing fan-failure which leads to overheating. But not all dust has the same qualities. To replicate a range of dust types we sourced and analysed dust samples taken from used fans from six different countries. From this we developed our own dust composite to test our fans, comprising the most damaging types of dust found in real offices and real homes around the world.

Weight drop test
At our research facilities, ThinkPads aren't the only things that get dropped. In this test, they're the target for metal balls falling from heights of over a meter with incredible accuracy – to prove that a ThinkPad can take whatever the world throws at it.

Early life cycle testing
To rule out any defects or faults in components, we simulate over 240 hours of continuous computing. So you're assured that you can rely on your ThinkPad from day one to day one thousand.