It takes inner strength to keep going, day in and day out, month after month and year after year, as anyone in business will testify – and this is what has made ThinkPad the world's best business laptop.

Open, close, pick up, put down, upstairs, downstairs, unplug, plug in, repeat, repeat, repeat. It all adds up and that's why ThinkPads are strenuously tested to ensure they're impervious to the cumulative effects of years of travel, work and play.

LCD open / close test
How many times do you open your laptop every day? We test the opening and closing actions of our ThinkPads more than 30,000 times each, equivalent to more than 20 lifts a day for over four years. In fact, ThinkPad's steel hinges are also designed to withstand 50% more open/close cycles than the industry standard.

LCD stress test
We all rely on our laptops, but we don't always treat them with the care they deserve. Our LCD stress test exerts pressure on points all around the screen, just like a typical user would. So when you're picking up, pointing out and pushing around, you know your ThinkPad's screen will gently flex to absorb the pressure.

8 corner drop test
Accidents happen, and you never remember to power down your machine before you drop it. That's why we test all our ThinkPads to ensure they'll survive falls from a typical desk height onto each of its eight corners – while still operational.

Auto robot test
No test is perfect – and in this case that's the point. Unlike a robot used for automated manufacturing that tirelessly performs procedures over and over again in exact repetition, ThinkPad's testing robot is programed to mimic the human hand with variations in force and angle. It pulls and wiggles cables and USBs in and out of their ports to replicate the scrapes and friction caused by years of repetitive, but variable, real-world use.

Electrostatic discharge test
There are enough shocks in life without suffering one from your PC. Every port in a ThinkPad is tested for electrostatic discharge to a voltage level that far exceeds regulations ensuring there is no electrical threat to the machine, or the user.

Cable discharge event
Every plug, cable and USB stick has the potential to carry damaging electrostatic electricity. In this test we certify that the ThinkPad's ports are immune to over 9,000 volts of electro-static discharge.