Our passion to put you first

Practical, powerful and purposeful, never showy. These are the signature elements that stay true to ThinkPad's heritage, as part of a design aesthetic that merges form and function in complete harmony. A ThinkPad is made for you – to enable you to be more productive, to intuitively meet your needs and to exceed your expectations.

There is purpose behind each feature, from the tactile texture of the TrackPoint® cap to the concave keys that fit your fingers.

With a ThinkPad, even the smallest design detail is evidence of our passion for putting the user first.

Convenience born out of obsession

With their lightweight, slim design and long battery life, ThinkPads travel easily, whether to another meeting or another country. It's our engineers' passion to deliver increasingly compact form factors without compromising computing power or reliability which drives us to consistently produce the world's thinnest and lightest laptop.

Form over fashion

You always know a ThinkPad when you see one – its graphite black matte finish is unlike any other. Smart and stylish, the distinctive non-slip surface allows it to be safely picked up, even by the corner of its lid.