The right IT infrastructure can create endless opportunities for any retail business, at any size. Scale for growth, secure your data, and mobilize your team to keep business moving forward.
Are you doing all you can to help your teams deliver inspired customer experiences?

Security – Upgrade Your Apps and Internal Policies

Keep your customers’ data safe – and keep them coming back.

  • Secure cloud access:  Some data is too sensitive to download. Keep the high-risk items secured in the cloud, accessible only to select employees, through a position-based permissions setting.

  • Password management: Using the same personal password over and over is a huge vulnerability. With a tool like Lenovo Password Manager, employees are prompted to change their passwords at set intervals, adding a proactive layer of data protection.

  • Secure mobile devices: Having a security strategy for your “bring-your-own-device” policy protects your data everywhere your team goes. This solution can increase security by giving your employees secure data access on the go using their own devices. Cloud storage also easily delivers additional features like instant backup.

Scalability – Build a Flexible IT Infrastructure

Don’t limit your capacity for growth. Expand and reshape your business as needed.

  • Scalable storage: Choose the right server for your business needs, especially if you have projected growth demands for storage.
  • Reliable performance: Come peak season or rapid growth, you need to ensure your system can handle the workload. Prepare for an influx of in-store or ecommerce traffic with the right hardware that allows for easy self-service and is backed by 24/7 technical support.

Customer Engagement – Create a Memorable Retail Experience

Use your IT to make your retail environment more inviting.

  • Mobile devices: Change the way your customers shop in-store or at events with a secure mobile strategy that creates new retail opportunities. From eliminating checkout lines to customizing tablet menus, consider what mobilizing your team could do for your business.
  • Retail space: Bulky IT equipment can crowd your retail environment and affect your brand’s vibe. Compact, powerful machines free up space – without compromising performance – to help your business stand out.

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